Our Malibu Pure home candle, is perfect for everyday, or makes a lovely gift, presented in a kraft box.

“Malibu Pure candle” is handcrafted, all natural, Non GMO wax with a cotton wick which burns cleaner than conventional candles. It’s better for you and the environment. We use pure essential and natural oils to gently scent our candles. Take a deep breath, relax and transport yourself to paradise.

This is a 7 ounce frosted glass container 3 in x 3. 25 and slightly tapered. Candle will burn approx. 36 hrs

Scent Choices,

 “Bali Breeze” – Tropical paradise with hints of coconut, mango, vanilla & lemongrass

“Buddha’s Bliss” – Transport yourself to a deeply meditative place with the complex blend of patchouli & clove, with hints of vanilla and frankincense.

“Into the woods” – A walk in a mountain forrest with hints of pine, eucalyptus, cedar and balsam.

“Poire Vanille” – tranquility awaits with the sophisticated scents of pear, sweet vanilla and hints of basil and other herbs.

“Asian Spice” – For anyone who likes a sweeter, aromatic scent. This combination of ginger and lilly, with hints of saffron and bamboo, will tantalize your senses.

“Tropical Citron”  – Zesty, tangy citrus with hints of guava and ylang ylang, give a fresh, juicy scent with a sophisticated finish.

Fragrance Free – Have sensitivities to scents, then go fragrance free. Enjoy the natural beauty of a candle without any fragrance.