Mr. Mister “Pull” • 2010

Originally recorded, 1989-1990, released 2010 
Produced by: Mr. Mister and Paul de Villiers
Engineered by: Paul Devilliers
Mixed by: Kevin Killen, Paul de Villiers & Mr. Mister
Remastered by: Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering
Musicians: Richard Page, Steve George, Pat Mastolotto, Buzz Feiten, Louis Conte, Trevor Rabin, Doug Macaskill, Peter McRea
Tracks: Learning To Crawl, Waiting In My Dreams, Crazy Boy, Close Your Eyes, Lifetime, I Don’t Know Why, We Belong To No One, Burning Bridge, No Words To Say, Surrender, Awaya


 The album is autographed by Richard Page, Steve George, and Pat Mastelotto