Choose either our “Citrus Fresh” or Herbal Delight” body polish. Sea salt, coconut oil and lots of cocoa butter for the ultimate body scrub, leaves your skin smooth and silky. Our products use vegan organic ingredients and pure essential oils. We never use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals. We believe in all natural products, better for you and the environment.

Our “Citrus Fresh” body polish has a clean, crisp scent and hydrating oils to leave your skin feeling fresh, invigorated and soft.

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“Herbal Delight” a delightful scent of an herb garden. Your skin will love the natural fresh scent.

Testimonial -” I received the package a few days ago and just got a chance to use the salt scrub. I love it! The texture is so great, really creamy but also exfoliating. The soap is wonderful and the little lotion was a great surprise also”.  Jennifer Palmdale, Ca

**The perfect way to use – Step in shower and quickly rinse your skin. You only want your skin damp. Turn shower off and scrub in a circular motion over body, including bottom of feet (avoiding sensitive areas and face). Turn shower back on and rinse the scrub off. Once out of shower, dry and moisturize.

Your skin will be exfoliated, soft and happy and as an added benefit, you saved precious water when you turned off the shower, yeah!

Body Polish ingredients include: sea salt, organic oils, organic cocoa butter, organic liquid soap, organic rice flour, candelilla wax, and pure essential oils

Net weight: 10 oz (295 ml)