Gan Malibu Preschool


<-Return to Malibu Schools Gan Malibu Preschool | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 456-6573 Website The Mission Statement at Gan Malibu Preschool explains that they school provides a unique educational experience that nurtures the skills, emotional growth, character and spiritual development of the students. Gan Malibu strives to combine investigational and research-based learning and integrates […]

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Malibu Methodist Nursery School


<-Return to Malibu Schools Malibu Methodist Nursery | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 457-5144 Website Malibu Methodist Nursery School is a non-profit, non-sectarian community outreach of the Malibu United Methodist Church. The philosophy of the school is well known throughout Malibu and beyond. The centerpiece is the principle that children learn in an environment that […]

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St. Aidan’s Preschool


<-Return to Malibu Schools St. Aidan’s Preschool | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 457-8899 Website At St. Aidan’s Preschool, their mission is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where children can grow and learn in a beautiful, nature-rich environment. Their indoor and outdoor classrooms are rich with materials thoughtfully organized and maintained by our […]

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Under The Oaks Preschool


<-Return to Malibu Schools Under The Oaks Preschool | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone#: (310) 456-7111 Website Under The Oaks is an early childhood center that includes a nursery, pre-school and kindergarten programs. Learning at Under The Oaks takes place through imitation and example rather than through instruction. The school makes sure that the classroom is warm, […]

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