With the New Year upon us it is about that time where more and more people will want to start exercising a bit more than normal.  For some people it could be their new years resolution and for others it may just be to get rid of those few extra pounds that you picked up during the holidays from extra food and alcohol than your body is used to.  Whatever the reason may be, there are so many different exercise options now-a-days that you get to choose from and Malibu has places that can cover just about all of them.  Check out these different exercise places right here in Malibu.  We hope you find one thats right for you!

Malibu Fitness

Founded in 1986 by local Malibu resident Lonnie Weinstock-Galate, this gym is known for its friendly, relaxed, beachside environment.  In it’s 30th year of business, Mf boasts one of the best locations for exercise right across from Zuma beach where ocean views are visible throughout many places in the gym.

MF is fitted with a complete weight room, however what makes this gym special are the classes that they offer in their large studio workout room and the sense of local community.  MF holds over 40 classes a week from top fitness instructors in the area.  Classes include spin, yoga, dance, pilates, cross fitness, body sculpt, bar classes, and more.  MF also has a number of personal trainers on staff for those who need some guidance in the gym or just prefer a one on one session.  We recommend trainer Mary Pritchett! She is great, see her bio HERE.

Check out this cool video of a TRX class on their outdoor workout patio:

If you are unsure about joining this gym, they offer free 72 hour trials for Malibu residents with a valid photo ID.  To sign up for the free trial, click HERE.

To see information about membership click the link HERE.  For more information about classes click HERE

Malibu Gymmalibu gym

Malibu Gym, located at the bottom of Kanan and Pacific Coast Highway, has been in business in Malibu for almost 25 years.  This gym, who says their goal is “assisting anyone who has the desire to obtain a healthier, more active and fun lifestyle” is a great option for people of all fitness levels.

Malibu Gym has your standard weight room with other workout machines as well as a room dedicated to workout classes.  Classes that they offer include pilates, yoga, TRX, and spin.  Malibu Gym also features a staff of personal trainers to help anyone who is looking for that one-on-one help, beginning gym goers, or anyone just looking to switch things up in their exercises.  When you’re all done with your workout, hop into their locker room showers so you can leave the gym clean and ready to carry on your day as usual.

Like Malibu Fitness, Malibu Gym offers a 3 day free trial membership if you just want to try it out.

Something unique about Malibu Gym is that 6 days a week they have a Kids Club where Mom or Dad can drop off the kids while they get their workout in.

For information about memberships and more click HERE.

Malibu Health Clubmalibu_health_club

Malibu Health Club, located almost directly across from the Malibu Pier, features beautiful ocean views of the Pacific from many locations within the health club.  Not only that, Malibu Heath Club offers a very wide selection of workout options that will please almost everyone.

Along with their tradition weight and machine room, MHC includes personal training staff, pilates, boxing, massage & spa, yoga, infrared sauna, other classes including body sculpting and meditation, and other health services and amenities.  To get full information about all of their services visit their website by clicking HERE.

For full details on their membership, click HERE.



Crossfit Malibu

Many people may not know what crossfit is exactly.  Here is a short definition pulled for Crossfit Malibu’s website:

“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program open to anyone interested in advancing their physical potential. The overall goal is to gain a high level of fitness across a wide variety of domains and to become prepared for any possible physical demand. We use training techniques and movements from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, power lifting and athletics. Workouts are constantly varied, movements are functional, and eventually training is done at high intensity.”

This particular kind of exercise, although seemly intense, can be for everyone.  It really just depends on what kind of results you are looking for.  Check out this video made by Malibu Crossfit of one of their classes.

Crossfit Malibu boasts themselves as more than just an exercise group or a regular gym.  They have a focus on togetherness and create a sense of community and accountability amongst the members of the gym.  They believe that this kind of culture will lead to better results and something more rewarding than a normal gym.

For more information about Crossfit Malibu visit their site HERE. 

PPLA-logoPilates Plus Malibu

If you have done Pilates before, you probably know the drill for a tradition pilates class.  However, Pilates Plus is not traditional.  Pilates Plus uses a specific method called Lagree Fitness and describes the method on their website as such:

“International fitness guru Sebastien Lagree has developed his own version of the traditional Pilates reformer called the MegaFormer™. This newly enhanced reformer empowers Lagree Fitness to create the perfect body.

Lagree Fitness attacks excess bulk in the hips and thighs and tightens the body’s core muscles for abs of steel. The intense 40 or 55-minute training sessions, which combine Pilates with strength training, achieve visible muscle definition significantly faster than Pilates or any other kind of Pilates-based workout.”


Prior experience in this method is not required for beginners.  The first class is $20 or $39 for the whole week.

One of Pilates Plus Malibu’s clients, Hollywood actor David Duchovny, has been doing this particular kind of pilates for over two years now:

“I’ve been doing Lagree Fitness at Pilates Plus in Malibu for over 2 years now, and honestly it’s the most challenging and efficient full body workout I’ve ever done.”

Pilates plus has 2 different class types.  They offer a 55 minute full body workout and a 40 minute full body workout with no breaks. Pilates Plus claims that these are not your typical pilates classes and that you should be ready to get in a real sweat in every class.

PPM offers an assortment of workout packages including a pay per class, month to month, and more.  To see full pricing click the link HERE.

Juicy Athletic Moves

Juicy Athletic Moves is a dance focused workout routine founded by one of the top fitness instructors in the country, Coach Neda.  Coach Neda was given the title of Top Fitness Instructor in the country by Exercise TV in 2008.

Primarily focused for women, JAM uses music and dance to create a workout that is both fun and challenging at the same time.  The moves in JAM are a combination of several different types of dance including hip hop, tango, and more.  JAM’s website information reads “Coach Neda has scientifically fashioned movements that increase stamina, and teach proper muscle and joint movement along with breathing. As soon as the music starts, there is a frequency throughout the class that takes students to a transcendent state.”

JAM boasts to train famous pop stars and Oscar winning actresses, however claims that this kind of workout can be for all levels as long as they are determined to change their bodies and their lives for the better. 

JAM offers classes six days a week as well as private lessons for those who something a little more intimate.  For the class schedule and to sign up, click the link HERE.