Malibu offers some of the best locations in the whole world to watch the sunrise and the sunset.  With a little bit of searching you can find some really special places to observe the skies in all of their glory.

We thought it would be a fun idea to capture time lapse videos of what we think are some of the best spots around to watch the sunrise and sunset and share them with our audience.

We’ve decided to bring them to you one by one to make sure we don’t take anything away from one individual spot.  Second on our list is Encinal Canyon Road

For view our first spot, The Point Dume Nature Preserve, click here!

Encinal Canyon Road


The intersection of Encinal Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway is located on the far west end of Malibu.  The road slithers its way up and through the canyon fairly quickly so great views from the road become apparent almost immediately.  There are plenty of spots along the road to watch both the sunrise and sunset from turnout areas.  As the road twist and turns, the views to the east (sunrise) and to the west (sunset) alternate visibility.

It was just a mile up the road from where the sunrise video was taken.  To get there, you drive just about two or three minutes up Encinal Canyon Road from PCH and pull over to the second dirt turnout location on the right.  From here you can enjoy the sun come up over the ocean from inside your car (it might be cold out since its so early in the morning), from on top of your car like I did, or with some sort of seating that you bring yourself.

The sunset time lapse was taken from just a thirty second drive from where Encinal Canyon Road meets PCH.  When you first turn onto the road from PCH there is a long dirt turnout spot on the left side of the road.  From here you are perched high enough up to watch the sun set right over the ocean.  Again, I recommend that you watch from inside your car, on top of your car, or on some seating that you bring yourself.

These two spots are by no means the only two places to catch the sunrise or sunset from Encinal Canyon.  There are plenty of pull over zones where you can stop for a quick second and enjoy the view.  One place particularly great to watch either the sunrise or sunset is from Charmlee Wilderness Park, located just a few miles up the road.  A quick 20 minute hike from the parking lot leads you to the edge of the preserve where you can see breathtaking views of either sunrise or sunset.

Watching Tip: Note that the official sunrise time is when the first part of the sun begins to come up from the horizon, not when the whole sun has risen.  For the sunset, the official time is when the sun is completely below the horizon.   These may seem like common sense but actually confuses more people than you would think.  Make sure to plan accordingly!

Sunrise (2/12/16)

Sunset (2/5/16)

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