Malibu offers some of the best views in the whole world to watch the magnificence of the sunrise and the sunset.  With a little bit of searching you can find some really special places to take in the skies in all of their glory.

We thought it would be a fun idea to capture time lapse videos of what we think are some of the best spots around to watch the sunrise and sunset and share them with our audience.

We’ve decided to bring them to you one by one to make sure we don’t take anything away from one individual spot.  First on our list is from our own neighborhood, the Point Dume Nature Preserve.

Point Dume Nature Preserve

The Point Dume Nature Preserve is a small series of dirt trails ascending up to a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  The Nature Preserve is the actual “Point” in Point Dume. One side of the cliff faces the east where you can catch the sunrise and opposite of that you have the west facing side where you can catch the sunset.  There are multiple places throughout the preserve to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset.  From the peak of the cliff you can see in either direction.

Our favorite spot to catch the sun coming up is from a wooden balcony that hangs off the east facing side.  From here you can see the sun rise up over the Pacific and watch it light up the coast from Malibu to Palos Verdes.  Our sunrise time-lapse is filmed from this spot.

Our favorite spot to to watch the sun going down is from an overhanging rock that extends from the side of the west facing side of the cliff.  From here you can see the sun go down over the ocean as well as views all the way down Malibu’s Coast.  Our time lapse sunset was shot from the peak of the cliff for camera stability.

Sunrise (1/29/16)

Sunset (1/29/16)

Point Dume Nature Preserve – Great Place for Valentine’s Day