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First and foremost All Things Malibu is about celebrating this great city. Whether it be the culture or the people, we cherish all aspects of Malibu. Recently, The City of Malibu turned 25 years old and we at All Things Malibu have created two iconic Malibu T-shirts to celebrate the quarter century mark!

The first t-shirt, "The Humaliwo Malibu Shirt" depicts the origin of the word, Malibu, and pays homage to the original peoples of Malibu - the Chumash Indians.  The name, Malibu, comes from the Chumash word, Humaliwo, which means “the surf sounds loudly" – a very appropriate word particularly when we are hit by hurricane swells like Marie in 2014.

The second T-shirt, "The Iconic Malibu Sign Shirt" is a variation of the “Welcome to Malibu” sign that greets you when you enter Malibu on either end of Pacific Coast Highway. The shirt design incorporates the shape of the actual sign, however substitutes the internal look and content to commemorate Malibu’s amazing surf.

The back of the shirt. XLs available in pocket tees.

We are intially offering a 10% discount for online orders.  To get the discount, follow these instructions

  1. Make sure you signed into your Facebook account on your browser.  If you are not, do so now.
  2. On the either of the shirts' product pages click the button that says, "SHARE THE PRODUCT AND GET 10% DISCOUNT."  Once you have done this, the discount will be automatically applied to your cart.  You can find the links to these pages below.

To visit the 'Humaliwo Malibu T-Shirt' product page click here.  To visit the 'Iconic Malibu Sign Tee' click here.

When making these shirts, we took no shortcuts to ensure that quality be maintained through to the final product. All of our T-shirts are made in the USA and adhere to our high standards of quality and feel. The "Humaliwo Malibu Shirt" is made of organic materials comprised of a blend of bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%) that creates a luxuriously soft feel.   The "Iconic Malibu Sign Tee" is made of the same material with the exception of an XL.   The XL "Iconic Malibu Sign Tee" is offered as a pocket tee which has a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. We hope to have this pocket T-shirt available in other sizes shortly.

We have quite a few more designs that are close to completion and will be bringing those out over the next several months. We will be sticking to the same theme of iconic Malibu.  

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