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Embrace Your Anger: Deepen Your Emotional Intelligence and Relationships

Date(s) - Tue. Mar 7, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Glamifornia Style Lounge


As a woman, you must juggle so many things and follow what is expected from you in order to ensure that your children and family are thriving. We women focus mostly on others because we are natural nurturers and are raised to play that role. You do an amazing job helping everyone around you do what they need while staying on top your daily duties. What about you? Imagine how it would be if you focused on yourself? How would you feel?
What if we invite you to focus on yourself for a couple of hours? Remember when you exit a hair salon and shake your hair? You can feel the glances of people around you. Besides beautiful hair, you exude confidence and satisfaction. You naturally feel uplifted.
What about an empowering workshop? Come and join us in Glamifornia. Meet other ladies, drink some wine, eat snacks and learn how to use your anger to empower you. Anger is portrayed as an ugly emotion for a lady in our society, but it’s a very important emotion for your survival and social functioning. Join us to:

Learn how to use anger to gain clarity in life.
See how anger can help you build closer relationship with people that matter
Never demand an apology again, there are better ways.
Learn ways to shift your thinking that will help you focus on your own feelings. This is a powerful tool that can benefit everyone, even your children.

The first 10 women that RVSP will get free gifts from the fabulous Tera of Glamifornia, who is truly an artist and scientist when it comes to hair and creating natural skin care products.


This event is fully booked.

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