g4g1 There are few social settings, if any, as good as the golf course for networking and creating business relationships.  Creating relationships on the golf course opens up opportunities for people that otherwise would not have happened.  The difficult part for many people is getting face to face on the course with the right people to build these desired relationships.  Local Malibu resident and business owner, Ted Silverberg, was able to identify this problem and decided to do something about.  What  he came up with was a golfing oriented business community called Golf FORE Growth.

 Golf Fore Growth is a group of  business owners, sales professionals,  and entrepreneurs seeking  networking opportunities through  golf.  Golf Networking has long been a  tool for referrals, connections and  sales leads. Now it is finally offered in  an environment specifically designed  for you to succeed.  Golf FORE Growth will pair you with the ultimate  mix of individuals to help expand your  business.  The kinds of professionals  you can find on any given Golf FORE Growth outing include business owners, real estate agents, judges, lawyers, doctors, and more!  Share ideas, contacts, business referrals, and exchange opportunities while playing an amazing round of golf at the beautiful WESTLAKE Golf Club.

While Golf FORE Growth is great for establishing business connections, it is also about having a great time on the course.  G4G keeps the fun spirit alive with their relaxedg4g2 atmosphere as well as their special themed events like the Halloween outing where everyone dresses up in costume!  The fun continues after the round in the clubhouse for some drinks, food, and good conversation amongst the golfers!

Golf Fore Growth keeps a little competitive spirit alive as well.  Each group is competing against all the other groups for the low score of the day.  They do this by using a foursome scramble format.  For those of you not all that familiar with golf terminology, a foursome scramble goes like this: Each member of the four person group hits their tee shot.  The group then decides which of the four tee shots is the best one.  Once the group has decided which tee shot they think is the best, the other members of the group retrieve their balls and everyone hits their next shot from the best tee shot.  You continue this pattern until the hole is completed.  At the end of the round, the winner is announced and small prizes are awarded to the winners and the MVPs.

If you are interested in Golf FORE Growth but don’t actually play golf, there is no need to worry!  G4G is not just for golfers.  Even if it is your first time golfing you are welcome to come and participate.  There is no organization to join either.  Just show up 15 minutes prior to the starting time with your clubs and the $28 playing fee.  The group meets usually about two times a month, however can vary depending on holidays.

The next event is this coming Wednesday on January 13th at 2pm at the usual spot, Westlake Golf Course.

Golf FORE Growth is also proud to announce that as of 2016 they have now merged with the Malibu City Chamber of Commerce.  With the support of the Chamber of Commerce, attendance which perviously was anywhere from 25-50 people, is now expected to double with more connections to a new group of professionals and added resources.

Golf FORE Growth hopes to see you out on the course soon for great business connections and fun!