Yesterday on Monday April 10th, 2017, a Surfline web cam overlooking the famous surf break Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California captured a shark fully breach from the water.  The shark is believed to be a juvenile great white , however the camera footage alone is not enough evidence to be 100% sure.


The infamous surf spot, Lower Trestles, is located almost 100 miles south of Malibu.

Usually when SoCal shark sightings are caught on camera they will make some sort of headlines on the local news and online articles or blogs (like this one!).  This usually provokes some level of fear into the average person, and deservingly so; sharks are scary.  Not to mention popular film and television's obsession with shark stories.

Regardless of these shark sightings grabbing headlines, the average surfer or waterman/woman knows that encounters with sharks are extremely rare and actual shark attacks are even more rare.  Surfers know they're out there, that's part of the deal.  Dealing with these sightings is just a matter of being smart and sensible.

Luckily in Malibu we have not had anything like this happen recently (or at least make headlines) and hopefully we don't have any sightings anytime soon.  It is much easier to enjoy your time in the ocean when shark thoughts aren't creeping into the back of your mind.

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