paddledown 5The Socal Paddle Down, a paddling relay beginning in Santa Barbara that extends all the way down to Imperial Beach in San Diego, is currently making its way through Malibu waters. This relay, organized and executed exclusively by lifeguards, is a fundraising mission to raise money for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation's “Block the Blaze” Skin Cancer Education Program that gives money towards education, prevention, and the fight against cancer.

Multiple Lifeguard agencies from Santa Barbara to San Diego are participating in this great cause including California State Lifeguards and County Lifeguards. The Paddle Down kicked off on June 25th and is expected to be completed before the arrival of Labor Day. The Paddle Down will consists of 100 to 150 different lifeguards paddling in groups of at least two at a time. Each Lifeguard agency paddles their respective sections of the Southern California coast and are encouraged to be creative when deciding their methods of paddling. The only requirements are that the means of travel are human powered. Once the paddlers have reached the next agencies section of coast, the buoy that acts as the baton must handed off in the water.
paddledown 1

The Socal Paddle Down, which is possibly the longest paddle relay in the country, says that they chose this charity because of the close proximity that skin cancer can have to someone who makes a living as a lifeguard. Their website also mentions that this is a cause everyone can get behind because of its prevalence in everyday life.

Right now, the local County and Malibu State Lifeguards are currently making their through Malibu and are asking for your donations to this great cause. To DONATE, following the link provided here and you can donate to help the fight against cancer.
paddledown 2


paddledown 3
Lifeguards getting ready to do some paddling!


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