A few months back All Things Malibu was lucky enough to have a Q&A with local Malibu filmmaker, Jack Murgatroyd about his new surf documentary, ‘Dirty Old Wedge’, a film about the most notorious body surfing wave in the world, The Wedge, in Newport Beach, California.  Until now, the only way to see the film was to attend one of the many film festivals where it was being shown. However, as of October 13th, the film has been released for sale to the public!

Since its premiere at the Newport Film Festival on April 22nd, 2016, the film has been receiving rave reviews from surf fans and movie critics alike.  The film has also collected some very high profile press from well known sources including Surfline, Vice, Sports Illustrated, Stab, The Inertia Surf Blog, and The Los Angeles Times.

A screenshot of Surfline posting about the release of 'Dirty Old Wedge' on Facebook.

The films popularity has transcended the Southern California surfing community, reaching a national and global audience with appearances in film festivals across the country and abroad.  Some of these film festivals include The Bali International FIlm Festival, London Surf Film Festival, The Honolulu Surf Film Festival, Long Beach (NY) Film Festival, and Santa Cruz Film festival just to name a few.  Along the way, the Film has racked up some impressive awards including 4 best film awards.  You can see all the awards below.

Newport Beach Film Festival - Audience Award

International Surf Film Festival - Best Film

London Surf Film Festival - Best Documentary

Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival - Best Film

San Diego Surf Film Festival - Best Film

Approaching Lines Festival of Surf - Best Film

Portuguese Surf Film Festival - Audience Award

The Film is now available on DVD and all digital platforms - iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vimeo On Demand and Roku for $9.99.  We recommend that you do yourself and favor and check out this incredible documentary.  

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