The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors is going to be providing free sandbags in preparation for the coming El Niño. The sandbags will become available starting in the first week of November and continue all the way until March of 2016. The prefilled sandbags will be limited to 10 a person.

sandbag 1
Visit this link for a guide on proper use of sandbags –> HERE

Starting in that first week of November, the bags will be available at the front parking lot of Zuma Beach at 29600 Pacific Coast Highway. This is one of many locations throughout Los Angeles that these bags will be available for free. Other locations include Will Rogers Beach, Dockweiler Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance Beach and Venice Beach.

The El Niño conditions have already begun to have strange effects on the Southern California area like strange ocean wildlife such as the yellow bellied sea snake, striped marlin, and other tropical fish. (See our post about the yellow bellied sea snake HERE)

If you have any other questions or concerns about El Niño preparedness visit this link ( for more information. This site includes preparation tips, weather forecasts, what to do in a flood, and info for affected homeowners.