This Saturday at The Point Dume Elementary Marine Science School from 9:30am - 2:00pm, The City of Malibu is putting on its first “One Water Festival” to educate, inspire and activate people about California’s most precious resource, water. Due to the worst drought in recorded history, the importance of conserving water is at an all time high. It is crucial that we know how to utilize this resource in the most efficient ways possible. The Festival aims to make people aware of ways to conserve water while inspiring and activating people to do something about it.

The One Water Festival also serves as a celebration of water. Living in Malibu, we are literally surrounded by water all the time being right next to the Pacific Ocean. The Malibu One Water Festival invites all to join in a celebration of water with live music, great food, giveaway prizes, face painting, inflatables, and more!

Finally, there will be an award ceremony for the One Water Competition where kids grades K-12 created projects focusing on the importance of the community using water in Malibu responsibly. Examples of topics include outdoor and indoor water conservation, water use behaviors, water quality, or the watershed. You won’t want to miss the winning projects from some of Malibu’s brightest kids!

If you’re still teetering on the edge of coming, maybe pro surfer Laird Hamilton can convince you.

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