Back in March of this year we wrote a story about Malibu native Henry Stern who was competing to win the democratic nomination in the 27th district for the California State Senate.  Since that blog was released, we are happy to return to this subject knowing that he did win the nomination.  Stern is now on the ballot up against Republican Steve Fazio for the coming election on Tuesday, November 8th.  If elected, Henry would be the youngest member in the California State Senate.

Although he currently resides in Canoga Park, Stern grew up right here in Malibu.  He attended Malibu High School, graduating in the year 2000 before attending The University of Harvard for his undergraduate degree followed by law school at UC Berkeley.  Henry Stern has the full support of All Things Malibu and hopes the rest of Malibu and the 27th district will consider him as their choice for California State Senate.


Some of Henry’s main focuses are issues that are most pertinent in today’s life here in the 27th district.  These important issues include environmental responsibility including clean air, water, and renewable energy, creating and maintaining a thriving local economy, supporting education, and creating safer communities.  We are confident that with Henry’s experience, most notably his position as senior policy advisor to current 27th district State Senator Fran Pavley, and his focus on the important issues of today, he will serve as a great state senator.

Along Henry’s journey he has accumulated support from incredibly notable public figures and organizations.  Some of the most notable supporters include President Barack Obama, Governor Jerry Brown, current 27th district state senator Fran Pavley, many current and former congressmen and women including Henry Waxman and  Julia Brownley, LA City attorney Mike Feuer, Multiple School District Board Members, California State Firefighters Association, and many more!

With only days remaining in the election the Stern camp is still busy at work with events being held every day up until election day.  To get involved or to attend any of these events on the Stern for Senate calendar  go to his website  

Regardless of who your support is for, we hope everyone gets out to vote this coming tuesday!

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