This morning, December 15th, 2015, The Los Angeles Unified School Districts closed all schools due to a credible bomb threat.  The following message was released through the LAUSD website and Facebook page:

“The following message from the Los Angeles Unified School District is being sent to parents and guardians. As a result of a threat received, the Superintendent has directed all schools to be closed today to ensure the safety of all students. Further information will be forthcoming via additional Blackboard Connect Messages.

Again, please be advised that all schools will be closed for students today, Tuesday, December 15, 2015. The safety of students is the District’s number one priority. Thank you for your attention to this communication and to your support of our efforts to keep our schools safe and secure.”

The closing of all schools in the District leaves approximately 640,000 students home from school today.  The Superintendent of the LAUSD, Ramon Cortines, explained earlier in a press conference this morning that “based on past circumstances I could not take the chance.”lausd

There was also a similar threat issued in New York but it was concluded that this was a hoax.  The threat, sent by email to both cities, seem to both have originated from Frankfurt Germany and appears to have been sent by the same sender.  This FBI is currently working with local authorities on trying to resolve the matters.   

Despite the closures of the LAUSD, all SMMUSD schools remain open today including Malibu High School, Juan Cabrillo, Point Dume Elementary, and Webster Elementary.   

This email was sent out to parents this morning:

” Dear Families and Staff,

As many of you have heard LAUSD schools are closed today due to a bomb threat.  All of our SMMUSD schools are open today and we have had no threats of any kind.  We are in communication with law enforcement and our administrators and all will be on high alert throughout the day.  We know how concerning this is and can assure you that we will take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure our students and staff are safe, Dear Families and Staff,

Sandra Lyon


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