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Kaishin | Quick Info

  • Category: Chinese
  • Phone #: (310) 317-9777
  • Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:30a - 3p & 5p - 9:30p/Sat - Sun: 12 - 9:30p
  • Website


Kaishin Malibu is a modern, healthy rendition of Chinese cuisine. The traditional flavors are inspired by modern renditions of delectable Chinese dishes. Freshness is the most important ingredient in every dish served at Kaishin, from locally sourced vegetables to grass-fed meats and sustainable seafood, Kaishin makes a evident effort to provide the freshest products. Aside from the health and freshness, Kaishin aims to allow customers to enjoy these qualities along with an affordable price.

Kaishin dishes are mindfully created for the healthy eaters. In the relaxed, modern and family oriented atmosphere, Kaishin is the perfect place to go to fill your Chinese food craving!