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Electric Bikes | Quick Info

Electric Bikes

All Things Malibu is happy to announce the arrival of Malibu’s newest business, Electric Bikes! Located in the Malibu Village Shopping Center where the old ‘Salvation’ used to be, Electric Bikes sells a wide assortment of electric bicycles, also known as eBikes. This being their fourth location (Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Corona Del Mar), they have a proven business model that works and that will hopefully land themselves a long term residency here.

Electric Bikes' main goal (besides the obvious goal of selling bikes) is to educate the customer so if the time eventually comes to purchase an eBike, they can make an informed decision to fit their personal needs.  They aim to be on the forefront of the most current eBike technology, offer the best brands, and find the correct eBike for your usage.  

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