OLM Offers 10% Malibu Discount Card To 14 Malibu Restaurants & Businesses for Just $20

Our Lady of Malibu School is offering a 10% discount card to multiple Malibu businesses for the low price of just $20.  This card allows a 10 percent discount to the following Malibu businesses for the entire 2016 year:

To get your card email Jonah at sljohnson@paradoxmail.net or stop by the OLM office to purchase!

When we first saw this we thought this must have been a typo because it seemed just too good to be true.  But its not.  Its real.  

Not only is it real, but it helps out a great cause as well.  The proceeds from this fundraiser are being put towards the OLM’s 8th grade educational trip to Washington D.C.  WOW!

Ryan Sarmiento, Social Media and Content Manager


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