This past weekend, the Malibu Chamber of Commerce hosted their 45th annual Malibu Arts Festival.  The event took place over a two day span on Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st.  Located in the parking lot of the Malibu Library, the same location as the Malibu Farmer’s Market, the Festival played host to hundreds of Malibu’s best artists to showcase and share their art with locals and out of towners alike.  The two days saw incredible artwork from painters, photographers, fashion designers, sculptors, musicians, and just about every other type of artist that you can imagine.  

The weekend event turned out a solid crown following a 2015 festival had received some criticism for a lack of accessibility and turnout.  Prior to the event, the Chamber surveyed targeted sample groups of artists to find out what they could do to add a spark to the event.  The President of the Chamber, Mark Persson spoke to The Malibu Times telling them that with addition of new aspects to the Festival such as fashion shows and an art education village, they had hoped to see a bump in attendance.  From our point of view it seemed to have worked.  The event seemed to be flowing with energy all weekend long!

Perhaps our favorite event from the weekend was the fashion show on Saturday afternoon hosted by Malibu’s very own Ted Silverberg.  This fashion show featured all local Malibu artists and designers included brands such as Jagger Edge, Bubulu Malibu, Malibu Bikinis, and many more.  Ted did a great job entertaining the audience while Malibu designers showed off their creative work.  You can see pictures from this show in the photos at the end of this article.

Other brands, artists, and musicians at the festival showcasing their works included Glamifornia Style Lounge, Pinnacle Malibu, Fireball Tim Lawrence, Karma Dealers, , LA Shag, Milo and Julian Sposato, TRINITY Rose and Gabriel Deibel, Dream Halos, Automobile Driving Museum, The English Car Company, Michael Rumsey, Jimmy Romo’s Coastal Creations, Westlake Brewing Company, Immordl, Daniela Schweitzer, The Smoky Knights, Nathan Gibbs, The Dominic Dunsmore Collection, Antique Images, Clifford Bailey Fine Art, Jessica Matrasko Jewelry, Ian White, Roy Clark, Monique Foerster, Jim Rajner, Debbie Arambula, Armik Malekian, Paper Arboretum, Global Girls, Tarra'z Angelz, TRINITY Rose, Louis Cantillo Photography, Tony Devoney, Mailbu Mudd‬, Lenise Soren/Sorenity Rocks, Wes Van Dyke, Sylvia Chait Sculpture, Nick Rodionoff, Human Brother, Carla Bates, Will Pierce, Aldabella Winery & Wine Tasting Room, Pamela Legrand, and many more! (Sorry if we didn’t get you, there were so many!)

Below, you can see a few photos that we captured from the event over the weekend.  To see more photos, check out The Malibu Arts Festival on Facebook as they are continuing to post great photos. 

saddle peak lodge

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.38.09 PM

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