One of the biggest headlines in 2016 was the tremendous drought that California was (and still is) experiencing.  The lack of rainfall in the prior years combined with dry and hot weather patterns led to the biggest drought since the early 1900’s. Lucky for us, 2017 was kicked off with a healthy dose of medicine for Malibu and the rest of California in the form of the most rainfall in recent memory, with weather forecasts predicting more to come.

The recent rainfall has been great for the aesthetic beauty of Malibu.  Almost everywhere you look new plant growth is on the rise and bright green grass is beginning to sprout up in places you  didn’t know grass could grow!  Perhaps the best thing about the recent rainfall, however, is the revival of Malibu waterfalls that have been dried up in recent years due to the drought.

We were so excited that the waterfalls were back running that we decided to head to one of our favorite hikes here in Malibu, Escondido Falls to see it for ourselves.  As we navigated the muddy trail we were not disappointed when we reached the end of our hike.  Sure enough the waterfall was back in action.  It may not have been flowing to the degree it once was in the past, however, but hopefully more rains to come will add a little extra energy to the falls.

If you decide to go waterfall chasing in the near future, we highly recommend wearing some hiking boots.  The trails are extremely muddy and slippery from all of the rain so you will need all of the traction that you can get.  Also, only attempt to hike these trails if you body is able.  Slipping and falling is a very real possibility.  Happy Hiking!

Example of how muddy the trails can be!


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