Circle X Trail Head Ranch is not only a very popular hiking destination for the Malibu community but also a very popular biking location. The ranch is located 50 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, making it a great escape from the busy city life. Circle X Trail also has the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains, Sandstone Peak. If you hike on a clear day you can see the Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz and Mount Baldy.

The ranch is filled with many opportunities for exploration, adventures and even picnics. All trails wind through the rare coastal Mediterranean ecosystem. The ranch has a wide variety of recreational possibilities that allow you to spend time wandering and experiencing the ambiance of the secluded mountain retreat.


Distance: 3 miles
Hiking Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium to Low
Crowd: Low
Parking: Free parking at the circle x building
Tip: Hop around and explore on boulders after you find the Grotto

Circle X Full Description