Leo Carrillo State Beach


Leo Carrillo | Quick Info – Ocean Floor: rock bottom – Wave Type: right hand point break that forms off a large rock formation – Best Tide: medium – Best Swell Direction: SSE, S, SW, WSW – Parking: free on PCH to the north and south

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Leo Carrillo State Park


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds Leo Carrillo State Park | Quick Info Leo Carrillo State Park, though located 10 minutes outside of Malibu, is still included on our page because of its proximity and inclusion on the all-day access list for campsite reservations in the area. The campgrounds include beach access through the bridge under […]

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County Line


County Line | Quick Info – Ocean Floor: sand and rock bottom – Wave Type: beach break in the middle; right hand point break to the north – Best Tide: medium – Best Swell Direction: W, SW, S, SSE (takes most directions) – Parking: free on both sides of PCH

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Thornhill Broome State Beach


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds Thornhill Broome | Quick Info Thornhill Broome is one of the few beach-front campgrounds in Southern California, making it pretty busy on weekends and during peak season. The 31-foot long camp sites allows you the unique experience of camping right on the beach. When you enter the campground you will […]

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County Line State Beach old

County Line Beach | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Beaches County Line | Quick Info Parking: Free parking lot and on PCH Crowd: High when there is swell Dogs: Aloud but on leash Tip: Visit during the week to avoid the crowd Lifeguards: Year round Lifeguard patrol and tower open in Summer Fishing Gear:thatsweetgift.com County Line is the last major beach in […]

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