Origins of Pacific Coast Highway | Photo Gallery

Pacific Coast Highway was a statewide venture extending from San Diego to Santa Barbara, with the first bond for funding in 1910. The section form Los Angeles County, just north of Topanga Canyon, to Ventura County started in 1922. By 19223, the highway work was beginning south of Sycamore Cove. The workers found extreme work […]

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Malibu Farm New Location | All Things Malibu

Malibu Farm | Fresh Organic Local| Eat & Sleep All Things Malibu

Malibu Farm’s new restaurant has recently opened at the beginning of the Malibu Pier.                   When a business succeeds in Malibu it means something. Not a lot of restaurants make it passed the 1-2 year mark here. It’s almost a constant rotation of calling the newcomer the […]

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The Pink Lady

Malibu Buzz | Pink Lady Post | All Things Malibu Blog

The Pink Lady If you grew up in Malibu in the 1960’s or frequented the area, chances are that you at one point heard about “The Pink Lady.” If you don’t know what the Pink Lady is, it’s about time that you learn about this cool piece of Malibu history.           […]

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A Visit to Malibu Cafe

Malibu Buzz | A Visit to Malibu Cafe | All Things Malibu

If you find yourself coming to Malibu through Kanan Dume Road, The Malibu Café Country Kitchen and Bar is an awesome place to stop for lunch. Malibu Café is part of Calamigos Ranch at the crossing of Kanan and Latigo Canyon Road. As you turn in you are welcomed by signs pointing towards the café […]

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Sycamore School


<-Return to Malibu SchoolsSycamore School | Quick InfoCategory: Elementary SchoolPhone #: (310) 456-1980Website Sycamore School’s vision for education is to help the students developed into self-directed, autonomous problem solvers and facilitate each child’s quest to create meaning in the world. The school’s mission statement is to, “champion innovation education to create a learning experience that is engagement based, […]

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Gan Malibu Preschool


<-Return to Malibu Schools Gan Malibu Preschool | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 456-6573 Website The Mission Statement at Gan Malibu Preschool explains that they school provides a unique educational experience that nurtures the skills, emotional growth, character and spiritual development of the students. Gan Malibu strives to combine investigational and research-based learning and integrates […]

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Paradise Cove Beach


<- Return to Malibu Beaches Paradise Cove Beach | Quick Info Paradise Cove Beach is one of the most popular if not the most popular public beach in Malibu. One of the main reasons Paradise Cove is such a sought after destination, is that it gives off the private beach club feel while still being a […]

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Malibu Wine Safari


Recent Buzz Posts Things to See & Do Hiking (Trailheads) Biking (Trailheads) Surfing Beaches Camping   Malibu Restaurants Browse all Malibu Restaurants Malibu Wine SafarisFeatured in the 12 of the Best Things to do in Malibu!Tucked in the beautiful hills of Malibu lives one of the best-kept secrets in all of Los Angeles County. Located […]

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Rocky Oaks


<- Return to Malibu Hikes Rocky Oaks | Quick Info Distance: 1.2 miles (varies with side trails) Hiking Time: 45 min to 1 hour Difficulty: Easy Crowd: Low Parking: Free Tip: Great for biking, dogs, or horseback The AllThingsMalibu Opinion The Rocky Oaks Hike is a loop comprised of 4 different trails with lengths ranging […]

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Sara Wan Trailhead


<- Return to Malibu Hikes Sara Wan Trailhead | Quick Info Distance: 2.5 miles Hiking Time: 1 to 1.5 hours Difficulty: Medium Crowd: Medium to Low Parking: Free on PCH or $5 at trailhead parking lot Tip: Take the left trail at the fork (about 3 min into the hike)   The AllThingsMalibu Opinion The […]

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Circle X Trailhead


CIRCLE X TRAILHEAD Circle X Trail Head Ranch is not only a very popular hiking destination for the Malibu community but also a very popular biking location. The ranch is located 50 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, making it a great escape from the busy city life. Circle X Trail also has the highest […]

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Cameron Nature Preserve


<- Return to Malibu Hikes Cameron Nature Preserve | Quick Info Distance: 7.5 miles Hiking Time: 3 hours Difficulty: Medium Crowd: Medium to Low Parking: Free (limited spots) Tip: Hike on overcast days (lack of shade makes sunny days challenging) The AllThingsMalibu Opinion Today we take you on a hike through the Cameron Nature Preserve […]

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Malibu Democratic Club

Malibu Clubs | Malibu Democratic Club | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Social Clubs The Malibu Democratic Club is upon its 50th birthday this year, making the club among one of Los Angeles County’s oldest Democratic organizations. The club has a long history of activism and community involvement in party activities. The bored members typically meet on the fourth Monday of each month, and […]

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Malibu Times Magazine

Malibu Times Magazine Tile | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Magazines We all know that Malibu is a special place that is more than just a town, it is a lifestyle and a community. Malibu Times Magazine is the local magazine that provides in-depth interviews with Malibu’s most interesting people and celebrities. The Malibu Times also keeps readers up-to-date with the latest […]

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Malibu Methodist Nursery School


<-Return to Malibu Schools Malibu Methodist Nursery | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 457-5144 Website Malibu Methodist Nursery School is a non-profit, non-sectarian community outreach of the Malibu United Methodist Church. The philosophy of the school is well known throughout Malibu and beyond. The centerpiece is the principle that children learn in an environment that […]

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Leo Carrillo State Beach


Leo Carrillo | Quick Info – Ocean Floor: rock bottom – Wave Type: right hand point break that forms off a large rock formation – Best Tide: medium – Best Swell Direction: SSE, S, SW, WSW – Parking: free on PCH to the north and south

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City of Malibu

City Logo | All Things Malibu

Official site of Our City. Includes services, history and news.

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Topanga State Beach


<- Return to Malibu Beaches Topanga State Beach | Quick Info Topanga State Beach is located towards the southern end of Malibu off Pacific Coast Highway at the base of Topanga Canyon. The beach tends to be a bit more secluded because it has a small drop off from the highway, and a short walk […]

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La Jolla Group Camp


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds La Jolla Group Camp | Quick Info The La Jolla Group campground is located within Point Mugu State Park and boasts an abundance of hiking trails that span over 70 miles.  If that’s not enough, you can connect up with the Ray Miller Trail to Sycamore Canyon for even more […]

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California Department of Fish and Game


  Malibu Fish & Wildlife | Quick Info Malibu Closure: Paradise Cove Pier to Sunset Restaurant: No Fishing Sunset Restaurant to La Piedra State Beach: Recreational take by spearfishing of white seabass and pelagic finfish is allowed. Visit the California Fish & Game Website for Commercial Fishing Rules & More info Report Poachers: 1-888-334-2258

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Things to Come


Welcome to the AllThingsMalibu blog!We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog! In case you don’t already know, AllThingsMalibu is your one stop location on the web for anything that you will ever need or want to know about the great City of Malibu. Our site features products for sale by local […]

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Sara Wan


Sara Wan | Quick Info The Sara Wan Trailhead leads to Corral Canyon Loop Trail and also provides easy access to regionally significant 1000-acre Corral Canyon Park in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway between Malibu Canyon and Kanan Dume Roads. The Sara Wan Trailhead does not have any set biking paths, however bikers are always […]

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Malibu Kiwanis Club

Malibu Clubs | Kiwanis Club of Malibu | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Social Clubs   Kiwanis Club of Malibu is dedicated to serving the community and it’s youth. Kiwanis clubs are located in 80 nations and help their communities in countless ways. All 80 Kiwanis clubs are different to accommodate each community, and therefore provide service in different ways. By working together, members achieve what […]

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Malibu Chronicle

Malibu Chronicle Magazine Tile | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Magazines Malibu Chronicle believes in bringing All Good News through their wonderful multi-media publication. They focus on inspiration, educational and spiritual content & share the stage with readers. Malibu Chronicle, All Good News is an interactive publication that loves to hear from the readers. They communicate thoughts and ideas to connect readers […]

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St. Aidan’s Preschool


<-Return to Malibu Schools St. Aidan’s Preschool | Quick Info Category: Preschool Phone #: (310) 457-8899 Website At St. Aidan’s Preschool, their mission is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where children can grow and learn in a beautiful, nature-rich environment. Their indoor and outdoor classrooms are rich with materials thoughtfully organized and maintained by our […]

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Malibu Surfside News

the malibu surfside news cover

<-Return to Malibu Newspapers Malibu Surfside News focuses on providing the most intriguing, relevant and exciting information to the residents in Malibu. Owned by 22nd Century Media, the news company is unbiased, in-depth and reports for the community and what they need to know. The focus is on the families that live here and the […]

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Malibu Lagoon State Beach | Surfrider


<- Return to Malibu Beaches Malibu Lagoon State Beach | Quick Info The Malibu Lagoon is where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. Malibu’s Surfrider Beach has a long stranded as a premier surfing beach. So much so that no boogie boarding or body surfing is allowed on the beach. This a surfers’ beach to […]

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Decker Canyon Camp (Closed)


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds Decker Canyon Camp | Quick Info Decker Canyon Camp is a year-round facility, a 38-acre tent camping site for groups; located in the rustic and rugged Santa Monica Mountains, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean on State Highway 23. Decker has four sites, with total accommodations for 150 campers. […]

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Topanga State Park


Topanga | Quick Info – Ocean Floor: sand and rock bottom – Wave Type: right hand point break – Best Tide: medium – Best Swell Direction: SSW, SW, WSW, W – Parking: free on PCH

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Malibu Urgent Care


Malibu Urgent Care | Quick Info Address: 23656 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 Phone #: (310) 456-7551 Hours: Sun – Sat: 9a – 7p/Summer: Sun – Sat: 9a – 8p Website

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Corral Canyon Trailhead


<- Return to Malibu Hikes Corral Canyon Trailhead | Quick Info Distance: 7.6 miles; option for shorter hike or up to 15 mile loop Hiking Time: varies Difficulty: medium Crowd: low Parking: free parking in trailhead lot Tip: hike on the ridgeline to explore a unique rock formation The AllThingsMalibu Opinion A hike at Corral […]

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Malibu Women’s Club

Clubs Malibu | Woman's Club | All Things Malibu

<-Return to Malibu Social Clubs   From its inception in 1961, Malibu Woman’s Club has been awarding outstanding young people in the community. It is the oldest all-female non-profit service club in Malibu. “Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow” is the tagline, because MWC supports intelligence and dedication of the young honorees. Malibu Woman’s Club maintains a […]

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The Malibu Times

<-Return to Malibu Newspapers The Malibu Times publishes approximately 12,000 papers a week, which are mailed to Malibu residents and distributed to newsstands in Malibu and surrounding cities including Santa Monica, Agoura Hills, Calabasas and Westlake Village.As a legally adjudicated newspaper for the County of Los Angeles Judicial District, The Malibu Times publishes FBNS, name […]

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Malibu Magazine


<-Return to Malibu Magazines Malibu Magazine is one of the premiere lifestyle publications within the California Marketplace. The Magazine enjoys an affluent group of readers, including high profile celebrities, who possess the means and desire to make an impact on the marketplace. Malibu Magazine highlights the nuances that are the foundation of Malibu’s distinctive nature, […]

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Solstice Canyon


SOLSTICE CANYON Located in Malibu, this site has one of the only year-round waterfalls in the mountains. Full of history dating back to the early 20th century, visitors can take an easy hike for a couple of miles, or a strenuous hike over six miles. Mountain Biking is a popular activity at Solstice Canyon and […]

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Dan Blocker State Beach


<- Return to Malibu Beaches Dan Blocker State Beach | Quick Info Dan Blocker State Beach is made up of two different parts. The first is a viewing area and a parking lot conveniently located off of Pacific Coast Highway. This area is strictly for viewing and there is no beach access available. The area […]

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Malibu Beach RV Park


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds Malibu RV Park | Quick Info Malibu RV Park is the perfect stop, or destination, on a road trip up the California coast. The prime PCH location is perched on a bluff across the street from the beach and boasts some of the best coastal views Malibu has to offer. […]

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