La Jolla Group Camp


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds La Jolla Group Camp | Quick Info The La Jolla Group campground is located within Point Mugu State Park and boasts an abundance of hiking trails that span over 70 miles.  If that’s not enough, you can connect up with the Ray Miller Trail to Sycamore Canyon for even more […]

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Thornhill Broome State Beach


<- Return to Malibu Campgrounds Thornhill Broome | Quick Info Thornhill Broome is one of the few beach-front campgrounds in Southern California, making it pretty busy on weekends and during peak season. The 31-foot long camp sites allows you the unique experience of camping right on the beach. When you enter the campground you will […]

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La Jolla Canyon Trail Head


<- Return to Malibu Hikes La Jolla Canyon Trail Head | Quick Info Distance: 7.5 miles Hiking Time: 3.5 hours Difficulty: medium to low Crowd: medium Parking: $8 parking at lot Tip: lots of side trail and loop options The AllThingsMalibu Opinion The Ray Miller trail at La Jolla Canyon is a longer hike on […]

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