Although the presidential election is deservingly taking up most of the spotlight this election season, there is still big news coming out of Malibu’s local elections.  If you have not heard by now, Team Malibu, made up of Skylar Peak, Jefferson ‘Zuma Jay’ Wagner, and Rick Mullen have taken the three available spots on Malibu City Council.  Meanwhile, Malibu’s own Henry Stern has been elected as the youngest member of the State Senate to represent the 27th district.

From left to right: Jefferson 'Zuma Jay' Wagner, Rick Mullen, Skylar Peak.

Team Malibu won the race in what seems to be very convincing fashion.  Leading the way with a total of 2,678 votes was Fire Captain Rick Mullen, followed by his Team Malibu counterparts Jefferson Wagner and Skylar Peak with 2,556 and 2,266 votes, respectively.  The nearest competitor, Laureen Sills, tallied a total of 1,544 votes.  Below you can see the full breakdown of the Malibu elections for city council.


Team Malibu ran their campaign on the grounds of ‘Malibu preservation’.  In short, they identified themselves as the nominees who will stand up against any unnecessary future Malibu development .  They also made it clear in their campaigning that it was crucial to elect all three candidates so that they have the majority voting power on the 5 person city council.  Now that their anti-development movement has the majority on the city council it will be interesting to see what kind of changes they will be able to make.  Team Malibu released this statement via Facebook following the news of their victory.

“Malibu is a unique land and marine environment and residential community whose citizens have historically evidenced a commitment to sacrifice urban and suburban conveniences in order to protect that environment and lifestyle, and to preserve unaltered natural resources and rural characteristics.  The people of Malibu are a responsible custodian of the area’s natural resources for present and future generations.

Malibu will plan to preserve its natural and cultural resources, which include the ocean, marine life, tide pools, beaches, creeks, canyons, hills, mountains, ridges, views, wildlife and plant life, open spaces, archaeological, paleontological and historic sites, as well as other resources that contribute to MAlibu’s special natural and rural setting.

Malibu will maintain its rural character by establishing programs and policies that avoid suburbanization and commercialization of its natural and cultural resources.”

In other election news, All Things Malibu is extremely happy to report that Malibu’s own Henry Stern has been elected to the California State Senate to represent the 27th district.  Stern has become the youngest member on the California State Senate, beating out republican nominee Steve Fazio by obtaining 55% of the vote after it was all said and done.  Stern released this statement on his Facebook page following the news:

Steve Fazio ran hard, and I congratulate him on his spirited advocacy for small business owners in California.

Representing the 27th Senate District will be the greatest honor of my life. As the youngest State Senator in California, at a dark time in our nation, it is incumbent on me to lead by example for our next generation--to show that California will continue to be a refuge, a place of progress; that all is not lost.

The people of the 27th give me hope that we can come together across party lines around common values. We all love our kids, our neighborhoods, and our environment.

But make no mistake: defending these values, this region, this state and our country will be a battle. And I'm up for the fight.”


Stern is making Malibu proud and we are excited to see what kind of work he will do in Sacramento!

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