Alongside Malibu’s most iconic surf point and world-class waves is the sophisticated cool of The Shops at Malibu Point. The Park at Cross Creek offers a collection of brands, lifestyle shops, and charming places to eat in Malibu. These brands are the favorites of Malibu residents and will draw like-minded visitors from around the region and the globe. The project, five intimate buildings, is thoughtfully integrated into the surroundings rather than dominating them. Living green walls on the side of structures add understated, organic styling. A sensory garden welcomes you to relax and soak it all in. The Shops at Malibu Point allows you to focus on what matters most. Enjoy each lifestyle concept in a lush setting while appreciating the modern, thoughtful experiences that provide something new with each visit.

The Playground

The Playground, designed by nonprofit Shane’s Inspiration, is programmed to be accessible and inclusive for all children to play. This outdoor play environment is age-appropriate and will include safe, state-of-the-art, sensory-rich structures that encourage healing in children with developmental disabilities. The Playground has been designed to feature a first responders’ theme with a fire truck, police car, and a Malibu lifeguard stand. This fully-inclusive playground offers sensory-rich experiences that integrate play to develop critical sensory motor skills.

Whole Foods Market

The Park at Cross Creek welcomes you to the new Whole Foods Market Malibu! Whole Foods is a collection of organic selections amongst the places to eat in Malibu. Their team members are artisans, custom butchers, scratch bakers, and certified cheese mongers. They know their local farmers and producers and are all about health. They are dedicated to stringent quality standards and sustainable living practices. Whole Foods has the highest quality products at the best price, and you’ll help us support our commitment to this community. Some of the special features of the store include:

  • Fresh produce department with seasonal fruits and vegetables, including selections from regional growers
  • In-store bakery offering an array of cakes made in-house, pastries, tarts and chia parfaits; includes a variety of vegan, keto and gluten-free offerings such as packaged cupcakes, muffins and cookies
  • Full-service butcher department featuring in-house made sausages and chicken and beef from local suppliers
  • Seafood department with unique offerings, such as in-house made salmon and shrimp burgers and a variety of options from local suppliers
  • Prepared foods section with a wide selection of hot and cold food bars with organic options; includes a salad bar, soup wells, rotisserie chickens, charcuterie, sandwich and pizza stations, sushi and ready-made meals.

The store is located in Civic Center Drive, proudly serving Malibu and the surrounding community.

Blue Bottle

Not far from Malibu Point, where the point break attracts surfers from around the world, our cafe is designed to recall the sandy beaches at dawn. If you are looking for relaxed places to eat in Malibu, Blue Bottle Cafe is where you should go. Conceived by LA-based wrk-shp, the open interior, with its high ceilings, wide doors, and patio, invites the outside in. Subtle variations of maple, walnut, and oak mimic the naturalistic hues of the Pacific coastline. Come in for a single-origin pour over and a pastry before heading back out to the water, or retreat from errands, sipping our NOLA-style iced coffee, and enjoy a sandwich from our seasonal culinary menu while still sensing the oceanside breeze.



All Malibu locals know Howdy’s for having great food and being one of the friendliest places to eat in Malibu. The new Howdy’s is front and center at the Park at Cross Creek. Howdy’s team are pioneers in organic fresh meals made to order. Most of Howdy’s vegetables are grown fresh and delivered after harvesting on Howdy’s farm a few miles away. The chef staff are home grown in Mexico and make the best authentic Mexican meals in Malibu. Organic, healthy, Mexican and American food, and made to order sushi. We have roasted beet salads, salmon on quinoa, and farm fresh salads.  We do traditional Mexican but also have vegetarian options including veggie enchiladas, and tofu tacos. We are always open to modifying your order. All our ingredients come from the best sources and some even come from the owner’s personal farm. We are seconds from the beach and located in the best shopping area in Malibu. Our place is family friendly and located in the Malibu Country Mart where kids can play in the park just steps from the restaurant.

The Real Coconut 

Created by Daniella Hunter, The Real Coconut’s products and recipes are dedicated to digestive health and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet. Real Coconut products are composed of vegan and paleo recipes

Daniella Hunter, food innovator, offers a “super clean” range of plant-based snacks, wraps and sweet treats for snacking and sharing. ‘Superfood Tortillas’ are offered with digestive gut-health in mind. Superfoods are great for our health, they can build-up our immunity, replenish our tired cells, bring us calm & relaxation, and give us healthy energy when we feel drained and run down. They contain a variety of nutrients, such as antioxidants, which are thought to ward off cancer and also have healthy fats, thought to prevent heart disease; fiber, thought to prevent diabetes and digestive problems. Their menus and products are gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugar free. They only ever cook with minimal amounts of coconut or avocado oil and use extra virgin olive oil for dressings. Their recipes focus around easily digestible plants, particularly those that are globally abundant, have multiple uses, and grow rapidly without the need for pesticides or intense irrigation. If you are looking for plant-based places to eat in Malibu, definitely stop by. This cafe promotes plant-based choices as the basis of their meals, and offer options for sustainably sourced, pasture-reared or wild caught, animal proteins from local farmers & fishermen. 

Cafe D’Amores 

If you are looking for places to eat in Malibu don’t miss out on D’Amores famous pizza. D’amores is family owned and operated and has been serving the best tasting pizza since 1987. As you enter D’Amore’s pizza, you will see a wall full of celebrities and their ties to D’Amores, including the infamous Kardashian photo. D’Amores serves organic vegetables, hormone-free/steroid-free natural meats and the water, flour, and olive oil are imported from Naples, Italy. Italian flour has 80% less Gluten than domestic flour, so the pizza tastes like one directly from Italy. Next time you have a bite of their pizza, savor the great flavor of our extra thin European crust. Their gluten free option is considered the best gluten free option by Malibu locals.