For the second year running, Imagine Fest took place at Paramount Ranch, hosting a great mix of live music, art and yoga.  The festival took place Sunday, September 25th, and was created by Natalie Backman.  Her vision has been to bring the community together through great music and yoga to benefit the local non profit organization, Unlikely Heroes.  Unlikely Heroes is a wonderful local non  profit aimed at rescuing and rehabilitating children that have fallen victim to human trafficking throughout the world.  Details on their work can be found here:

The previous founding year of the event proved to be so well received that this year the festivals hours were extended and moved to a larger venue.  Once participators joined the event, they were welcomed by multiple areas of activities provided by renowned musicians and talents looking to give back to the community with their crafts.  The Meadow Stage housed artists such as Girish, Deepak & The Breath of Life Tribe and Govind Das & Radha.  The Barn Stage also housed local Los Angeles artists including Givers & Takers, Dream Machines, Ana Leimma, DJ Nina Tarr and DJ Gina Turner.

Also to create more than just a music festival, there were dedicated areas to help community members even more physically and mentally engaged in meditation tents and yoga pavilions.  Big names such as Mary Bruce, Tracee Stanley and Gabriel Logan Braun offered led meditation on the main Meadow Stage as well as led yoga routines by Tracee Stanley, Drorit Rudin and Sesa O’Connor.  Local instructors such as Lainie Devina, Kate Duyn Cariati and Ally Hamilton led fulfilling yoga instruction at different times of the day in the Yoga Pavilion. 

To help encompass the full festival experience, Vendor Village was created to provide a plethora of community conscious vending options for those attending the event.  This area housed fantastic local artists and vendors selling jewelry, clothing, collectibles, skin care products and many other items.  Local food trucks were set up to make sure that you were deliciously well fed, and create a relaxed environment to support your local businesses who were so eager to be involved with the cause.


Undoubtedly, this year's Imagine Fest proved to be a huge success yet again.  The activities and artists involved in this fantastic cause delivered and kept our great community involved, and everyone took part in a great organization that truly does great work for the global community.  For more information on the festival as a whole, artists and contributors involved, or to keep up to date with future events, visit

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