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Founded in 2011, the roots of Hunt House Pictures were sown by fellow USC School of Cinematic Arts graduates, Jack Murgatroyd and Edwin Eversole. Quickly growing into a full service production house, they opened shop in Venice, CA and set out to immerse themselves in the world of storytelling through advertising and music. Whether behind the lens, in the edit bay, or seated in a directors chair, the duo has been ingrained with a strong belief that collaboration is the key to success. From concept to creation, fact to fiction, commercial to music video, they approach every project with a keen eye for aesthetics and an aptitude to meet the unique needs of each individual client. When you work with Hunt House you aren't only procuring their skills as filmmakers but also their way of thinking - their tenacious ability to find solutions in sticky situations, their desire to push the boundaries of the medium, and their innovative outlook and style and content.
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