Juicy Athletic Moves


The secret surrounding the fitness regiment of today’s hottest pop stars and Oscar winning actresses has finally been revealed. Neda Soderqvist, creator of Juicy Athletic Moves, otherwise known as JAM, has produced a workout so intense, it completely changes the contour of the body while increasing strength, flexibility and endurance in every class. Cardio dance is all the craze, but there is only one workout that delves far beyond the sashes and salsas, progressively pushing students beyond their highest fitness potential, reaching the artistic soul of the athlete in every one of us. JAM releases all inhibitions in the mind, making it possible to push the body to extremes, burning a thousand calories in only one hour. JAM is accessible for students at all levels of fitness, but for those who are not only dedicated to changing their bodies, but changing their lives as well. JAM is not exercise in disguise. It’s the real deal.