Pobal Construction

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Our desire for openness and clarity on all projects; as well as an eye for detail, creativity and talent has helped establish our reputation in the Los Angeles community.

Owner, Neil Donnelly began his career at a young age in Ireland. Accomplishing a successful apprenticeship in carpentry, his journey has been a vibrant and natural progression till today. Upon relocating to California, Neil worked in the field on high-end residences in San Francisco.

As a firmly hands-on principal and with daily visits to job sites, Neil has a unique combination of direct experience in creative problem solving and safe work environments. Neil promotes and encourages excellent communication among all staff, workers and sub-contractors for a safe and smooth working environment on all of Pobal’s job sites.

At the early stages of any project Pobal Construction is involved in, it is crucial that our clients and design colleagues know we are 100% committed to building their home to the highest standards and will have their best interests at the forefront of what we do. We recognize this trust is a significant reason for the ongoing success of our projects and our company.

Building or remodeling a house is a very personal experience for both Pobal and our clients. We believe it should be done in good taste, should be done to represent who the client is and what their lifestyle is about, it should be comfortable and hopefully in the end it should exceed their expectations.