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Pritchett-Rapf Realtors is the largest independent real estate firm in Malibu. The company has over 50 years of real estate experience concentrating on sales of beachfront homes, estates, ranches, inland residential, vacant land, mobile homes and condominiums.

Pritchett-Rapf Realtors is exclusively dedicated to marketing the beautiful coastline, interior and mountains of Malibu and Topanga Canyon. Our real estate agents have longstanding relationships with neighbors, retailers, business owners, schools, service groups, and city governments. This local profile gives us an edge in the competitive real estate market and also defines how we approach our work. We are members of a community that we love and offer each client the opportunity to become a part of the long history of Malibu, Topanga and surrounding areas. We are independently owned and operated and this gives us the ability to respond to our clients in an unusually flexible and responsive way. Principals, Jack Pritchett and Jim Rapf, are involved in the day-to-day business of the company and are available to assist agents and clients with any transaction. “It’s different here!” What makes Malibu and Topanga different is what makes us different. We don’t just know the market; we’ve been helping to shape it for over 50 years. The result is a kind of local expertise that no other real estate company can claim… or deliver. Like the coastline itself, our image of exclusivity is only enhanced by our relaxed approachability.

With the rise of national real estate conglomerates, the independent, friendly, local real estate company is a rarity. We do not believe in the “bigger is better” philosophy, and instead have concentrated on specializing in the communities we know best: Malibu and Topanga.

We not only know the homes, we know the people who’ve lived there and the people who live there now. Malibu and Topanga are not only beautiful places to live, but each has a rich history that has always attracted celebrities, artists, writers, musicians, politicians, captains of industry and families who seek a lifestyle uniquely connected to nature. We foster a cooperative environment in our offices and all Pritchett-Rapf Realtors’ agents are a part of the team. When agents work in a non-competitive environment, it translates to a calm and satisfying buying or selling experience for our clients. As a company, we reflect the spirit of the place where we live; we’re discreet, patient, resourceful, fun, independent, and determined to stay that way.

Beachfront properties continue to be some of the most valuable real estate in Southern California, if not the world. Living on the beach is an experience all its own. It is a privileged world of peace and beauty. For those who own homes on the beach, prices have set record highs. To us, listing a home at the height of the market has a particular appeal. Our agents have extensive experience listing and selling homes in Malibu. For years, we have been known as the “best at the beach”. Matching the right buyer to the perfect property is an art. Beachfront homes are sold with energy, discretion and timeliness. Because of the prices of beachfront homes and land, buyers and sellers often require confidentiality during the buying and selling process; this we provide with pleasure.

Inland area of Malibu and Topanga – Santa Monica Mountains
For privacy and tranquility, nothing compares to the interior and mountains of Malibu and Topanga. There are acres of exquisite land still available in the Malibu and Topanga interior and beautiful homes set amidst the rolling hills of some of the most evocative landscapes in the country. If you’ve considered a home in Malibu, you can find custom homes, ranches, private retreats and family compounds nestled in the valleys and mountains of Malibu and Topanga. Living in the Malibu and Topanga interior has a rural appeal and yet you’re close enough to the city to commute with relative ease; and many parcels are still available to build your own special retreat.

Malibu and Topanga don’t have to be expensive. Comfortable, outdoor living is available in the numerous, beautifully designed mobile home parks, smaller homes and condominiums.