Westside Estate Agency - Malibu

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Our Core Values

Integrity - We believe in doing the right thing – always – for our clients, our company, and our community.

Passion - We love all the facets of real estate – from the drama and power of fine architecture, to the bonds of enduring trust we form with our clients, to the professional satisfaction that comes from mastering “the art of the deal.”

Discretion - Our business is built on trust, and that trust is built on discretion. We never forget that we work at a level that demands complete discretion.

Our Story | Success built on knowing our market and understanding our clients.

Westside Estate Agency is defined by the values and the vision of its two founders, Stephen Shapiro and Kurt Rappaport. In 1998, Stephen Shapiro and Kurt Rappaport were two of the most well-known, highly compensated realtors in Los Angeles. Still, they felt there had to be a better way to meet the very high expectations and individual needs of their high net worth clientele. It wasn’t long before the two began making plans for a different kind of brokerage. Read More