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Bui Sushi | Quick Info

Located right in the heart of Malibu, Bui Sushi has been a local favorite ever since it’s doors opened in 2006. Bui Sushi offers a cozy and casual atmosphere all while serving top-quality cuisine in a comfortable and inviting environment. Bui offers an energetic dining room and sushi bar, a warm lounge and an intimate relaxing patio, accommodating any mood.

Bui Sushi provides an impressive line of sushi chefs that create dishes whose quality and flavor are sure to please just about anyone. The sushi bar serves only the highest quality of sushi and sashimi for their customers. Additional to the Japanese dishes, Bui Sushi’s innovative signature dishes have made their mark in the Malibu community. Bui Sushi is the go to sushi restaurant in all of Malibu, so stop by and see why!