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Mar 23, 2024

Fresh Leadership for All Things Malibu

All Things Malibu has all new owners and a fresh new look!

Lifelong Malibu locals Ian Roven and Anthony McDemas are joined by fellow California native Alisha Rosen and Ohio native John Jenkins as the new owners of All Things Malibu. We hope to continue to build upon the resources that the original All Things Malibu provided, while setting ourselves apart with a new look and all enhanced content, aimed at promoting local Malibu businesses.

As a professional Cartographer since 1986, Anthony McDemas was awarded the opportunity to create an original map of Malibu in 2015 by the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. Anthony has served as the Connections Director for the Malibu Chamber since 2015. Anthony joined the Malibu Times in 2017, and founded and published What To Do In Malibu, Malibu’s annual visitor guide.

Ian Roven is a familiar face around town. He is an attorney that specializes in small business start-ups and real estate law. In addition to being The Malibu Lawyer, he is the current Chairperson for the Malibu Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, an owner of Howdy’s Sonrisa Cafe and Malibu Sushi by Howdy. Ian won his Malibu Times Dolphin Award in 2022, and served as Chair of the Malibu City’s Task Force on Homelessness. He is a preceptor to law students at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. He is often at Howdy’s providing support when he can while handing out churros with his wife and daughters. 

While not a Malibu resident herself, Alisha Rosen grew up in Southern California and has dedicated her career to helping small businesses, including many in Malibu. She is a graphic and web designer, providing the creative direction for the All Things Malibu brand.

We are hoping to bring something new and special to All Things Malibu, while encouraging local Malibu commerce. We want to be genuinely helpful for those who live in or visit Malibu, and are very open to constructive feedback and requests from the community.  We want to make this website a promotional tool for local business owners and a great resource for those looking for a good time in Malibu.

The website is still in construction and will be changing dynamically as we respond to community requests. If you run a service, restaurant or storefront in Malibu, and want to control how you appear on All Things Malibu, check out this article about just that.

We look forward to working with, and serving the community!
Anthony, Ian , Alisha and John

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