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Corral Canyon Trailhead | Quick Info

Distance: 7.6 miles; option for shorter hike or up to 15 mile loop
Hiking Time: varies
Difficulty: medium
Crowd: low
Parking: free parking in trailhead lot
Tip: hike on the ridgeline to explore a unique rock formation

The AllThingsMalibu Opinion

A hike at Corral Canyon is a great choice for those looking to explore, scramble up some rocks and enjoy beautiful Malibu scenery. To find the trailhead, drive all the way to the top of Corral Canyon. The road gets pretty thin and windy so please use caution. At the top you will find a free, dirt parking lot. There are two labeled trailheads, Backbone Trail and Castro Motorway. However, we find the best choice is to follow the unmarked paths for this hike.

When you are looking into the parking lot from Corral Canyon, you will find a trail on the right that leads up large rock formations. Follow this trail along the mountain ridge. This fairly short hike will provide breathtaking views of the ocean on one side and the seemingly never-ending valley on the other. If you continue on this path you will find a very interesting spiral design that has been outlined in rocks. This is a great spot to sit and relax in the mountains.

For those craving a bit more adventure, do not stop here. There is a secret cave that can be found if you are willing to venture off the beaten path. Go back on the trail you took to get to the spiral rock formation and keep your eyes peeled for a path off to the side. You won’t be disappointed.

Take the afternoon to find your own favorite spot on the Corral Canyon hike and share it with us at All Things Malibu.