Westward Beach

Westward Beach, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
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Westward Beach, Malibu, CA 90265, USA

Westward Beach is located in Point Dume along the northern end of Malibu off Pacific Coast Highway. Westward is divided from Zuma Beach by a pipeline that creates an area of the beach and has a shorter sand shelf.

Westward is known for its powerful waves. During its larger swells, the beach attracts professional surfers such as Kelly Slater. Although there are lifeguards on duty at Westward, swimming is only recommended for good swimmers because of the powerful surf and the occurrence of riptides that are able to drag swimmers out to sea.

Just like Zuma, Westward has a very wide beach great for all sand activities like throwing around a football or kicking around a soccer ball. If you are there are the right hour, Westward also provides a perfect view of the sun setting over the mountains or the ocean (depending what time of year it is). This spot is so beautiful that you can often find yourself driving by a marriage reception in the early evening time.

Parking can be an issue at Westward because the parking is primarily street parking on Westward Beach Rd, a street that is not that large. Unlike many beaches in Malibu, Westward does not boarded PCH. However, you can find paid parking if you drive past Westward Beach Rd. that is usually not crowded.

Westward is typically not an overly crowded beach especially when compared to beaches like Zuma and Paradise Cove. This probably has to do with not as much name recognition as well as the location is a bit more discreet than these other beaches.

Summary: Westward Beach is tucked into Point Dume in Malibu, unlike many other beaches in Malibu that are located right off PCH. It is known for having powerful waves, especially during swells and is recommended for strong swimmers only. However, it has a great beach area for activities such as sports and sunbathing. Parking can be an issue but there is also paid parking available that is not too crowded. The beach does not get as crowded as beaches like Zuma and Paradise Cove because of the more discreet location.

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