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Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park, Topanga, CA, USA
Topanga State Park
Ride Info:
Beginner and Intermediate Level Trails available
Extremely popular on weekends
Parking inside the State Park requires a fe
Topanga State Park, Topanga, CA, USA

Topanga State Park is located near West Los Angeles and Topanga State Park and is a great location year round. The beautiful and abundant open space within the city limits makes for a remarkable scenery during the ride. The rugged terrain and all different types of wildlife create a great escape from the city life nearby. There are many different trails for all different levels of riders to take. While the recommended rides are geared towards more advanced riders, the fire roads are great places for beginners to learn. The fire roads (Sullivan Ridge, Westridge and Canyonback) are moderate and sport parallel single-track trails with multiple access points.

  • Westridge Fire Road – Moderate, ridgetop fire road. Parallel single-track.
  • Sullivan Canyon Fire Road – Flat fire road through canyon, then rises steeply to ridgetop. Stream crossings in winter.
  • Sullivan Ridge Fire Road – Follows ridgeline from Dirt Mulholland to Pacific Palisades. Parallel single-track.
  • Fire Road 30 – Moderate fire road connects Dirt Mulholland to The Hub.
  • East Topanga Fire Road – Connects Trippet Ranch to Pacific Palisades neighborhood.
  • Eagle Rock Fire Road – Loose and rutted. Great views.
  • Rogers Road (Backbone Trail) – Moderately technical single-track through mixed terrain. A few steep sections.

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