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Malibu's Fully Stocked Beach: What You Need to Know About Paradise Cove Beach

The Malibu beach scene has become highly popular over the last 20 years.  People come from all throughout the surrounding areas to enjoy the beauty of the sand, sun, and water.  Each beach, slightly different than the last, is unique in it’s own way.  For instance, El Matador State Beach has those unmistakable large stone arches while just a short drive away Surfrider Beach plays hosts to the iconic Malibu Pier.  However unique each beach is, Paradise Cove Beach presents the most unique experience in that it provides beach goers with a complete beach package.

A cool surfboard inside the restaurant.

Paradise Cove Beach provides the closest thing to a one stop shop for all of the things that one would want in a beach.  Other than the beautiful beach (obviously), Paradise Cove features a wide variety of services including a restaurant right on the sand, a fully stocked bar, outdoor patio eating area, beach rentals, parking and more.  There isn’t too much more you could ask for.  

If you’re getting ready for a day trip to Paradise Cove, check out some crucial information below!


When you do decide to do your beach day at Paradise Cove, we have one suggestion that will make your day go a lot smoother and lead to an all around better time.  GET THERE EARLY!

Getting their early does a few different things for you.  First you will not have to deal with afternoon beach traffic on PCH that can become a nightmare very quickly.  Second, you will not have to park on PCH (which can be a trek to the beach from where you park), exposing yourself to dangerous parking conditions on the highway.  Thirdly, you can enjoy a great breakfast in the restaurant.  In our opinion, their best food options are on their breakfast menu (see 5 great breakfast places in Malibu).  And lastly, you will have first pick at beach rentals and will be able to snag your spot on the beach before the heavy crowds get there.  



Rentals from Paradise Cove can be a great idea if you are not trying to lug a bunch of beach equipment from home.  It really can be a pain.  Instead, you can just rent some beach items for the day.  Rentals include beach beds, beach chairs, umbrellas, and terraces.

The rental station, right behind the lifeguard tower.
Comfy beach beds!

All of Paradise Cove rentals are on a first come first serve basis starting at 10am daily.  So if you want to make sure you secure one for yourself or group, make sure you get there early.
Beach bed with umbrella – $50
2 chairs with umbrella – $50
Special Rates apply on holidays such as the 4th of July, one of the biggest beach days of the year.  Give them a call at 310.457.2503 for special rates.

P Cove also has terraces available for reservation for larger groups.  These terraces include 1 large couch, 2 arm chairs, 1 day bed, 2 chaise lounge chairs, 1 large umbrella, 2 regular sized umbrellas. 1 large ice chest filled with 20 pounds of ice upon arrival plus another 20 pound bag of ice during your day upon request, 1 heater, 10 stacking chairs and a 6ft table .  The terraces can fit up to as many as 30 people and feature catering service from the restaurant so long as you book the terrace in advance.  If you’d like you can bring your own food and toss it in that cooler they provide you with.  The terraces each have 2 110V outlets so you can charge your phones and play some music for you and friends to enjoy.

Current pricing for the terraces is $295 for the day.  However starting in May the price will increase to $395, then again the next month in to $495 from June to September.  In October the rates will go back down to $395, then back down to $295 in November. Book your terrace online here!

Lounge chairs set up on the beach.


Parking inside of Paradise Cove is $40 for the day.  Make sure you do not lose your parking ticket because they charge an extra $40 (yikes)!  If you are only eating or picking up at the restaurant, you will receive a parking validation on orders of more than $30 and parking will be $6.

During the busy season, the parking lot for P Cove fills up very quickly and when that happens many people resort to parking on Pacific Coast Highway just outside of the grounds.  If this happens to you, make sure you are extremely careful when parking and walking down the street.  Every year there are accidents on PCH from people trying to park.


You are allowed to bring your own alcohol to Paradise Cove, however you can only bring beer, wine, and champagne.  These alcohols are allowed on the beach.  Hard alcohol, mixed drinks, and kegs are prohibited.  There is a bar at paradise cove that serves hard alcohol and mixed drinks, however those drinks are not allowed on the beach, only beer, wine, and champagne.

Finally, remember to always stay safe!  Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most dangerous highways in the country so make sure you are always following the speed limit and practicing safe driving habits!

Let us know what you think of Paradise Cove Beach in the comments!

Aerial shot of Paradise Cove.
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.48.53 AM
A shot from under the pier.
One of the many fun signs that they have around the beach.
The lifeguard tower.
A look down the coast form the beach.

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