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5 Great Breakfast Restaurants in Malibu

Check out these 5 great places for breakfast in Malibu that are sure to satisfy that breakfast craving.  Enjoy!



As one of Malibu’s newest restaurants, Ollo is quickly making its name for one of the best breakfast spots around.  Started by the owners of favorite local restaurants Bui Sushi and Ollie’s Duck & Dive, Ollo is a great sit down breakfast spot to start the the day off right with family and friends.

This new and improved version of the former restaurant, Coogie’s, offer’s it’s own unique breakfast dishes as well as classic favorites with their own subtle twists.  Ollo serves up classic favorites such a eggs benedict, huevos rancheros, and their own breakfast burrito.  If you’re looking to switch things up from the traditional breakfast dishes, they offer unique dishes such as their Ollo  Scramble featuring scrambled eggs, bacon, white cheddar,  caramelized onions, spinach, mushrooms, and  toast.  Ollo also  offers  incredibly healthy dishes like their Acai Bowl and  healthy substitutions like egg whites.  Ollo also serves coffee, teas,  juices,  and  has a full bar if it is that kind of morning.

To see their full breakfast menu click HERE

Phone Number: (310) 317-1444

Address: 23750 Pacific Coast Highway



Kristy’s, another sit down breakfast spot, has without a doubt the best setting for breakfast on this list.  The restaurant is slightly hidden, perched up on top of a hill over looking Westward Beach Road.  From almost anywhere in the restaurant, there are ocean views of the Pacific.  They offer outdoor seating which is unbeatable on a nice morning.

Kristy’s menu is not incredibly extensive, however they offer their own versions of traditional favorites such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, eggs benedict, omelets and more.  Kristy’s also offers mimosas and bloody Mary's for those NYE hangovers ;).

To see there full menu click HERE

Phone Number: (310_ 457-2602

Address: 6506 Westward Beach Road



Lily’s Cafe serves up perhaps the most famous dish in all of Malibu, their signature breakfast burrito.  Their breakfast burrito comes with eggs, beans, cheese, bacon, and of course their one-of-a-kind homemade verde hot sauce on the side.  The four ingredients plus the hot sauce, however simple they may seem, somehow create a breakfast burrito that is unlike any other you have ever had.  If you have had one you know what we mean, and if you haven’t you need to find out.

Like we have mentioned in previous posts discussing Lily’s Cafe, they are not a one trick pony.  The rest of their breakfast menu is all delicious.  They have dishes such as the pancho burrito which is a breakfast burrito minus the bacon plus some veggies, huevos rancheros, the Eggo Bagel which is an egg bagel sandwich, donuts, and more.

We always suggest when eating at Lily’s that you call ahead at least about 20 to 30 minutes before hand to have your food ready when you get there.  There are tables inside the restaurant but it can get pretty packed in there during peak hours so we recommend dining on the tables outside or take it to go.

Featured in 12 of the Best Things to do in Malibu

To check out a menu click HERE.

Phone: (310) 457-4554 or (310) 457-3745

Address: 29211 Heathercliff Road


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.32.49 PM

It is hard to talk about a great place to eat in Malibu now without talking about Malibu Farm.  Located on the end of the pier, and now with a new location on the base of the pier, Malibu farm has quickly become one of the most popular spots in Malibu to grab a bite to eat.    They currently are very well known for their lunch items, however their breakfast selection is just as delicious.  Not only is the food delicious and healthy, but eating over the ocean is always a win!

Check out Malibu Farm secret menu item, chef’s favorite sandwich and owner’s favorite sandwich.

Their menu features overall very healthy items from yogurt & granola, scrambled egg dishes, multi grain pancakes, and much more.  Malibu Farm also offers tradition breakfast drinks including coffee, tea, and fresh squeezed juices.  Breakfast items range from $9-$16.

To see their breakfast menu, click HERE.

Phone Number: 310.456.1112

Address: 23000 Pacific Coast Highway



Paradise Cove, like Kristy’s and Ollo, is a great place to go and sit down and enjoy a breakfast with some good company.  Like Kristy’s, this is a one-of-a-kind setting to eat as it sits almost directly on the beach.  Coming to P-Cove for breakfast is almost more about the ambiance and setting than the food itself.  Enjoying the great ocean view and the fun atmosphere is what its about.  The food, however, is still delicious.

Paradise cove has probably the largest breakfast menu of the five restaurants listed here.  They have anything you could want in a breakfast.  The menu includes juices, smoothies, cereals, omelets, eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes, French toast & much more.

Featured in 12 of the Best Things to do in Malibu.

For their menu click HERE.

Phone Number:(310) 457-2503

Address: 28128 Pacific Coast Highway

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