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Dan Blocker State Beach | Quick Info

Dan Blocker State Beach is made up of two different parts. The first is a viewing area and a parking lot conveniently located off of Pacific Coast Highway. This area is strictly for viewing and there is no beach access available. The area is perfect for sunset viewing or just for pulling off the road and enjoying the ocean view.

The second part of the Dan Blocker State Beach is the actual beach. The only parking available for this location is along PCH. Opposite of the beach side is a tunnel access that goes under the highway right next to Malibu Seafood. If you catch a parking spot along the side of the beach then there is a dirt staircase that leads directly down. Dan Blocker State Beach is great for all beach activities.dan-blocker-beach_all-things-malibu

Warning: This section of PCH is one of the most dangerous strips of highway in all of California. There are constantly people darting across the highway and cars stopping in the middle of the road to parallel park. To avoid risk of any accidents please use the underground tunnel for crossing the street and be aware of the traffic around you when parallel parking.