Serra Retreat Monastery: Malibu's Best Place for Peace and Tranquility

Malibu is an incredibly peaceful place.  Throughout the 27 mile stretch of land you can find countless places to enjoy the unique Malibu beauty.  Whether it be the many beaches, hiking trails, or parks you surely can’t go wrong!  As amazing as these other places are, we recently discovered a hidden gem that takes the cake for most peaceful place in Malibu, the Serra Retreat Monastery.  


If you don’t already know, the Serra Retreat Monastery is a Catholic retreat and conference center located just near central Malibu, right across from Surfrider Beach.  The Monastery provides a beautiful setting for peace, serenity, and reflection for all peoples, regardless of religious orientation.  The center features breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and beautiful mountain views on the other, forming the perfect setting for peace and tranquility.

The center has three primary outdoor areas that are great for personal relaxation and reflection.  The first area is stone circle garden located directly on your left when you pull up the driveway.  This area features views of both the ocean and the mountains.  Here you can sit down under the shade of the bell structure, take a walk through the stone circle, or just explore and enjoy the views.

Serra Monastery Stone Circle
The Stone Circle
Serra Monastery Bell Structure
The Bell Structure

The second area is a garden on the front tip of the property that features a large cross overlooking the ocean.  This is where you can find the best views of the ocean.

Serra Monastery Cross
The Cross at the tip of the property
Serra Monastery view from cross
The view from in front of the cross

The third place, the “Grotto,” is a shaded garden area located down a short flight of stairs facing the mountains.  Here is the best place to find a sense of seclusion from the rest of the property.  In between these three areas you can find plenty of green grass as well as manicured flower gardens.  The beauty of each spot is difficult to articulate, so make sure you take a look at the photos for some reference.

Serra Monastery Grotto
The Grotto
Serra Monastery view from Grotto
The view from The Grotto

Visitation to the Serra Retreat Monastery is really easy!  You can do an unguided visit all days of the week.  Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm you do not need a reservation but weekend visits do require a reservation.  Make sure you call ahead to let them know you are coming!  

The center offers a ton of other services like guided tours for groups, weddings, and much more.  For information on more services visit their site here!