Malibu is not known for its nightlife scene.  Most people think that Malibu rolls up the sidewalks and calls it quits before 9PM.  Although this may have been true in the past it no longer remains the case.  If you know where to look there are a few places where you can find a little bit of after-hours fun.  We decided to compile a list of these places and share it with you, our audience.  Enjoy!

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Cafe Habana

Every Wednesday evening Cafe Habana hosts its always fun Karaoke Night with DJ Gold Dust.  Beginning at 9pm, Cafe Habana invites all 21+ to join them in a night of karaoke, dancing, drinking, and fun.  These Wednesday night events always turn a big crowd and the party usually keeps going until about 1am-2am, depending on the crowd.  During the summer, these nights produce an especially large crowd, making for maybe the most lively after hours event in all of Malibu.  Cafe Habana is also a good place to grab drinks with friends from Thursday to Sunday as they typically will stay open so long as there is a crowd.

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Casa Escobar

Known to many as “The Old Malibu Inn,” Casa Escobar is the best place in Malibu for live entertainment.  On any given weekend they play host to great live musical acts that have included artists such as Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Shwayze and Lenny Goldsmith.  Their schedule for live music varies from week to week, however you can usually count on some sort of live music on any given Friday or Saturday evening.  The restaurant features a full bar, dance floor area, outdoor patio, and indoor seating.  Check their scheduled events by giving them a call at (310) 456-1999.  You can also visit them for Taco Tuesdays with $1.50 tacos and Margarita Mondays with $4 margs as well as their normal happy hour Monday-Friday from 3pm-7pm.

casa escobar malibu



Every Thursday through Saturday from 7pm-1am Moonshadows hosts their resident DJ for a fun night of music, dinner, and cocktails.  Located on the far east side of Malibu directly on PCH, Moonshadows has a great after hours bar.  As one of Malibu’s fancier establishments, Moonshadows provides a classy setting that caters more to a mature crowd.



The Sunset 

Located almost right on the sand of Westward Beach, The Sunset Restaurant provides one of the best settings for after hours drinks.  Like Moonshadows, they typically host a more mature crowd.  Friday and Saturday they feature their resident DJ from 5pm-10pm with drinks and an all around good times.  They typically keep the bar open past 10pm so long as there is still a crowd.  You can also catch their happy hour Monday to Thursday from from 3pm to close.

the sunset


Ollie’s Duck & Dive 

Ollie’s Duck & Dive is always sure to provide a fun time on any given Friday or Saturday night.  Each week on these evenings they host live music from local musicians which serves as a fun platform for dancing and drinks.  They typically stay open until about Midnight to 12:30am depending on the crowd.  On nights with larger crowds they can stay open until 1am+.


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