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Paradise Cove | Quick Info


The beautiful beach at Paradise Cove has the only restaurant in all of Malibu that is right on the sand with its own private beach and cove. Which makes the restaurant the perfect place for just about any occasion, a family get together, a day with the kids, a romantic date, or just a meal out with your friends. The restaurant has private ocean views, jazz nights and delicious seafood. The Beach Cafe does not only serve dinner but also breakfast, brunch, lunch are served as well. You can even just grab a spot at the Beach Cafe for a drink and relax. Paradise Cove is an iconic beach in Malibu that celebrities love and where countless commercials, movies and TV shows have been filmed. If you are looking for a beautiful day at the beach, and the most stunning and one-of-a-kind dining experience, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is the place for you.

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