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10 of the Best Malibu Beaches

It’s safe to say that Malibu is best known for the iconic beach town it is. Malibu is a stretch of 27 miles that contains so many different, unique and beautiful beaches. Each beach has its own features that add the beauty and diversity of Malibu. At any beach, you can be sure to experience stunning views, beautiful memories and clear blue waters. Here we have listed 10 of the best beaches in town. The best part of each beach is that any time of day you choose to go, you will experience either an incredible sunrise, perfect afternoon, or an unbelievable sunset. Parking on Pacific Coast Highway is always free, however most beaches do require a fee for parking.

  • paradise-cove_all-things-malibu
    Paradise Cove Beach
  • topanga-surf_all-things-malibu
    Topanga State Beach
  • malibu_ATM2
    Malibu Lagoon State Beach | Su...
  • dan-blocker-beach_all-things-malibu
    Dan Blocker State Beach
  • westward_all-things-malibu
    Westward Beach
  • zuma-beach_all-things-malibu
    Zuma Beach
  • el-matador-beach_all-things-malibu
    El Matador State Beach
  • Nicholas Canyon Beach | All Things Malibu
    Nicholas Canyon County Beach
  • Leo Carrillo | Beach | All Things Malibu
    Leo Carrillo State Beach
  • County Line Beach | All Things Malibu
    County Line State Beach

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